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Study Highlights Risky Behaviors Linked To Car Accidents

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In February 2016, a non-profit organization released results of a study regarding risky driving behaviors. At the same time, there’s news that estimated traffic deaths for 2015 rose eight percent over 2014, the largest annual increase in 50 years. The research, conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, found that approximately 87 percent of… Read more »

Snapchat Speed Filter At Issue Following Car Accident With Brain Injury

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When allegedly negligent conduct leads to a traffic accident with injuries, it is common for victims to seek compensation from the offending motorist and his/her insurer. However, in one of the more highly publicized car accidents thus far this year, a motorist and social media company Snapchat are both named as defendants. The lawsuit, filed… Read more »

Car Accidents: Study Links Untreated Sleep Apnea And Crash Risk

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The safety risks posed by fatigued truck drivers are many and varied. Big rigs operated by tired truckers may rear-end other vehicles. Sometimes, jack-knifed semis wreak havoc across multiple lanes on freeways. In other cases, tired truckers actually fall asleep at the wheel. Those in the path of an out-of-control 18-wheeler face a strong possibility… Read more »

The Importance of Hiring An Attorney Following Devastating Car Accidents

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  Let’s face it. None of us expect that devastating car accidents could change our lives forever. It is even more painful when these kinds of events affect our loved ones, injuring them or killing them in an instant. At first, we are temporarily helpless to take away their pain and suffering, and we want to hold someone responsible. However,… Read more »