Recent Cases – Personal Injury

Attorney Matt Olson fights insurance companies and wins for client.

Attorney Matthew Olson recovers policy limits for his client from three insurance companies.   The client suffered a broken ankle after being hit head on by a teenage driver.  Matt has handled personal cases for over 20+ years.

Car Accident – Severe Injuries

Attorney Matthew Olson’s client suffered a traumatic brain injury from an accident that occurred on a minnesota highway.   After fighting with the insurance company he was able to recover the policy limits for his client.

Dog Bite

Attorney Matthew Olson’s client was attacked by a neighborhood dog.  He suffered severe disfigurement.   Matt was able to recover the maximum amount in damages from the insurance company.

Personal Injury – Assault Scar

Attorney Matthew Olson recovered thousands of dollars for his client after he was attacked in a bar by an intoxicated patron.   Many lawyers turned down the case before Matt and his team investigated the case.   The insurance company paid out their policy limits.

Personal Injury Recovery

Attorney Matthew Olson’s client was hit by car suffering an exposed spinal cord and other severe injuries.    Through pre-litigation negotiation,  Matt was able to convince the insurance company to pay policy limits on liability and under insured motorist coverage.

Dog Bite

Attorney Matt Olson’s client suffered a dog bite while on another’s property.   Investigation had determined that the dog had biten before.  The puncture wound necessitated weeks of medical treatment.  After receiving a demand letter from Matt the insurance company offered a substantial settlement over and above what was originally offered to the client.

Dental Injury Case Resolved

Attorney Matthew Olson pursued a claim for a client who suffered injuries to her face and teeth following a car accident. The case involved our client rearending another vehicle. Attorney Matthew Olson investigated the case and found evidence supporting our client’s position that she was not at fault. Investigation is critical in personal injury cases.... Read more »