Recent Cases – Criminal Defense

Attorney Matt Olson negotiates return of 50k truck following DWI.

Attorney Matt Olson was retained late in a DWI case when the client was looking at 90 days in jail and losing his truck to forfeiture.   Matt’s knowledge of the law resulted in return of the truck and no jail time.

Domestic Assault case dismissed.

Attorney Matt Olson argued for dismissal in a domestic assault case.   The case was ultimately dismissed at trial.

DWI dismissed. No license revocation.

Attorney Matt Olson obtains another DWI dismissal.  The facts of the case led Matt and his team file a challenge and argue for dismissal.    The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case.

Trial results in dismissal.

Attorney Matt Olson defended his client in a Harassment Restraining Order trial.  The case was tried to the court and resulted in a dismissal.

Client wrongfully accused of sexual assault

Attorney Matt Olson’s client was being investigated for sexual assault.   Through timely investigation and experience Matt was able to get the matter dropped before charges were filed.  Investigation is crucial to successfully defending criminal charges.


Attorney Matt Olson has filed many expungement motions for clients over the last decade.   Quick background checks are leaving people jobless and suffering for years for minor offenses or offenses committed when they were young.   Matt filed motions to expunge petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and felonies.

Theft Case

Attorney Matthew Olson’s client was charged with Felony Theft.    After a pretrial hearing Matt was able to get the case dropped and the client has no criminal record.


Attorney Matt Olson was able to convince prosecutor to drop the DWI.  Client plead guilty to Careless Driving with no jail time.

Assault case

Matt Olson’s client was charged with Domestic Assault.   The facts were not favorable.   Through negotiation and experience.  Matt kept his client’s record clean and out of jail.

Harassment Restraining Order Dismissed

Attorney Matthew Olson was able to convince the presiding judge to dismiss a harassment restraining order for lack of evidence.  The allegations against his client were completely false.