Recent Cases – Family Law

Attorney Matt Olson wins custody and additional parenting time for client.

Attorney Matt Olson argued successfully for a change in custody and additional parenting time after ex spouse was found drinking during her parenting time.   Matt has represented clients in family matters including custody, parenting time, divorce and child support for 20+ years.

Trial results in dismissal.

Attorney Matt Olson defended his client in a Harassment Restraining Order trial.  The case was tried to the court and resulted in a dismissal.

Harassment Restraining Order Dismissed

Attorney Matthew Olson was able to convince the presiding judge to dismiss a harassment restraining order for lack of evidence.  The allegations against his client were completely false.

Child Support

Attorney Matt Olson’s client was taken to court by her ex-spouse.  The ex-spouse filed a motion to reduce his child support obligation.  After investigation and argument no reduction took place and costs were awarded.

Difficult Divorce Resolved

Attorney Matt Olson recently resolved a difficult divorce where his client was seeking child support and spousal maintenance.  He was able to negotiate and litigate for a substantial recovery guaranteeing his client’s financial security for years.

Order for Protection Dismissed and costs awarded to client for false accusations.

Attorney Matt Olson was able to persuade the court to dismiss the order for protection and award costs to his client.   Preparation for the hearing and investigation was crucial and resulted in dismissal.

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