Divorce is a very difficult time for individuals going through it, so there is a desire among the divorcing parties for the process to move as smoothly as possible while still pursuing what they want in the divorce settlement.

To help move the divorce process along as smoothly as possible, it is good to have a Minneapolis divorce attorney working with you every step of the way. You receive the guidance, information, and advocacy that you need to get a result that you can be happy with.

Expert Divorce Representation

There are different types of divorce. There is the collaborative divorce in which the two parties agree on everything or almost everything. These couples tend to work things out together, which makes the process move rather quickly.

Another type of divorce is the contested divorce, which is where the couple is not always able to agree, so they need mediation or a judge has to decide for them at some point. This type of divorce takes longer than a collaborative or non-contested divorce.

The divorce process does have four stages. They are:

  • Preliminary case workup – The client provides requested information, such as documents showing income, assets and debts. Property documents are provided and a questionnaire completed. Once all information is gathered, the divorce petition is drafted and papers are then served to the other party and filed with the court.
  • Discovery – The other side is asked to provide information regarding their stance. If there are children, a meeting is held with the judge regarding child custody and support, possession of the home, and spousal maintenance. A number of experts may be called in to work on property and business valuation, custody, etc. The discovery phase can take several months.
  • Settlement – Mediation is used to reach a settlement. A pre-trial hearing is also attended by both parties. If the parties can’t reach a settlement, the Minneapolis divorce lawyer prepares a marital termination agreement outlining the terms and containing the signatures of both parties in front of both sides’ attorneys and a notary. The agreement is sent to the court for it to approve.
  • Trial – If a settlement is not reached, a trial may be the way in which a conclusion is reached. This adds to the expense of a divorce because the court must make the decision for the divorcing couple.

Compassionate Representation

Because the process is difficult, it is good to have compassionate representation with you along the way. Matthew Olson understands what you are going through and how emotional it can be, so you receive legal representation that also gives a personal touch in helping you through one of the most difficult points in your life. The goal is to reduce your stress as much as possible while reaching a satisfactory conclusion that helps you move on in a happy direction.

Contact A Minneapolis Divorce Attorney

Emotions are highly charged during a divorce and that means it can be easy to get lost in the process. With an experienced divorce lawyer representing your interests and guiding you through the process, you can obtain the best possible result in your divorce case. To learn more about the legal help you can receive through your divorce, regardless of the type of divorce, call the Olson Law Firm today at 612-816-2322 to schedule a free consultation.