The Importance of Hiring An Attorney Following Devastating Car Accidents

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Let’s face it. None of us expect that devastating car accidents could change our lives forever. It is even more painful when these kinds of events affect our loved ones, injuring them or killing them in an instant. At first, we are temporarily helpless to take away their pain and suffering, and we want to hold someone responsible.

However, accidents happen, and it takes time for you and your loved ones to pick up the pieces and rebuild your lives. Having professionals on your side during the recovery process can relieve some stress on your family. One of the experts you might consider hiring is a Minnesota licensed personal injury attorney.

Minnesota No-Fault State

Minnesota is a no-fault state, which requires that motor vehicle owners and drivers carry their own basic medical insurance coverage. After you run out of no-fault benefits, you could have more medical bills, and it will be difficult to pay them all. You may also have uninsured motorists’ coverage for accidents in which the negligent driver and vehicle owners were not insured.

You Want Answers

In Minnesota, you have the right to pursue a tort claim. This occurs because you were injured by someone’s action or someone’s failure to act. When you get hurt, the urgent question becomes: Who will pay the medical bills? In the minds of attorneys, there must be a party to hold accountable. To make a recovery for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, there must be at least one at-fault party with applicable insurance coverage. There is a complex process of collecting evidence and building your case that we follow to help you seek a recovery. In reality, no amount of money will change the effects of someone else’s poor driving on your life.

It’s Good to Get Help

One of the best things that the families of accident victims can do is assist in the selection of a qualified personal injury attorney. This is the only person under Minnesota law who is legally qualified to advise you of the statute of limitations in your case and the legal options available, including financial damages. An attorney is a legal expert who knows the secrets behind getting the facts of the accident case, which quickly disappear. From obtaining the police report to documenting all of your injuries, we know that collecting evidence is essential. Otherwise, we won’t have the right facts to later seek a settlement or a recovery from a civil jury trial.

Don’t Rely on Advertising

Remember, in the legal profession we are legally regulated and ethically bound to follow certain advertising practices. You can’t believe everything you read in legal advertisements. Keep these general tips in mind:

  • Sit down for a free consultation. This might occur while you are in the hospital or at home recuperating from painful injuries. A consultation is your opportunity to ask questions and to inquire about past settlements and jury verdicts that a lawyer and his legal partners have achieved in the past.
  • Talk to several attorneys and decide which attorney you would like to represent you and your family.
  • Don’t let attorneys pressure you to sign paperwork before you are ready. You should take time to think about this important decision.
  • Don’t believe any promises that you will make a specific recovery. Ethically, we are not allowed to promise a settlement or a jury verdict.
  • Follow through on all medical treatments. The key to your case is proving legitimate injuries caused by the at-fault driver that permanently affect your life.
  • Don’t give recorded statements to anyone. If you hire a lawyer, then you will have representation for all attempts to ask you questions or take your deposition as victim. These could be later admissible in court and could affect the outcome of your case.

Contact A Minneapolis Car Accident Attorney

At the Olson Law Firm, we want to help you or a loved one recover from a life-changing car accident. This wasn’t your fault, but you need to protect your interests and plan for the future. Some mistakes that you make right after the accident, such as not hiring the right attorney for expert legal advice, could affect your finances down the road. To discuss your case, please contact us today.

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